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Master109's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 5 (From 1 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 50 Points


ABSURD DEATH Unlocked 10/29/14
10 Points
First death
ACROBAT Unlocked 10/29/14
10 Points
Jump up onto the ladder
CATCHER Unlocked 10/29/14
10 Points
Collect ruby in flight
EXPERIMENTER Unlocked 10/29/14
10 Points
Put a dynamite on rock
QUICK SOLUTION Unlocked 10/29/14
10 Points
Jump off ladder and get back don't touching ground
BUMMER 10 Points Pass level without collecting three rubies
CURIOUS 10 Points Found the first artifact
DESTROYER 10 Points Blown up the first box of TNT
DODGER 10 Points Put dynamite creeping
EPIC FAIL 10 Points NO killed monsters on the bonus level
FIGHTER 10 Points Kill all monsters in all bonus levels
FIRST BLOOD 10 Points First Killed monster
FLYER 10 Points Change direction three times during the jump
LOVER ACUTE 10 Points Die 10 times on spikes
LUCKY 10 Points Undermine under self a dynamite and fall into a hole
MINER 10 Points Put a dynamite under box
RESEARCHER 10 Points Complete all bonus levels
SHOTFIRER 10 Points Blow up 30 pieces of ground
THRIFTY 10 Points Complete all levels, spending less than 50 dynamites
VICTIM 10 Points Monster killed you 10 times
COLLECTOR 25 Points Collected all the rubies
ONE-TO-ONE 25 Points Kill all enemies bonus lvl for the same number of throws
SPRINTER 25 Points Complete the level for 10 seconds
ARCHAEOLOGIST 50 Points Collected all 5 artifacts

Medals Earned: 5/24 (50/325 points)